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Fatal Construction Zone Crash

One man is dead after two vehicles tried to merge in a construction zone, much like the ones on I-5 on the Grapevine.

The wreck occurred on the I-5 in Lathrop. According to the CHP, a 2004 Hyundai and a 2016 Freightliner collided as the lanes narrowed. The force of the impact sent the big rig tumbling down an embankment and caused the passenger car to spin around like a top. First responders freed the truck driver from the wreckage, but he later died at a local hospital. Meanwhile, authorities arrested the woman for driving without a license and for suspicion of DUI.

None of the names were released.

Construction Zone Speeding

VC 22362 is designed to prevent accidents like this one and also protect workers. The law has a number of technical requirements, and if they are not met, the judge normally throws out the ticket.

· Signage: Workers must put signs within 400 feet of the beginning and end of each work zone. Moreover, these signs must state the purpose for the reduced speed limit, in addition to the speed limit itself.

· Workers Present: Some states do not require workers to be present for the reduced speed limit to be in effect, but California does., In fact, not only must workers be on-site, they must be “at work on the roadway or within the right-of-way so close thereto as to be endangered by passing traffic” at the time the ticket was issued.

Inside the city limits, drivers should be on the lookout for school zones and senior citizens’ areas. Like construction zones, these special zones also have strict requirements.

Getting Legal Help

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