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An Automotive MilestoneIn a move with earth-shattering implications for the modern-day culture of the car in Lamont and Shafter, George Selden “invented” the car a hundred and twenty years ago this month.

On November 5, 1895, the U.S. Patent Office awarded the Rochester attorney a patent for an “improved road engine” that uses a “liquid-hydrocarbon engine of the compression type.” Mr. Selden never built such an engine, and in fact largely copied the design from one he had seen in 1872. In 1899, he sold the patent to an auto manufacturing group, which sued anyone who bought a car that did not have the Selden patent. The Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers eventually included over thirty car makers; the ALAM came up with the slogan “Don’t buy a lawsuit with your new automobile.”

As Henry Ford prepared to start selling the Model T, the ALAM sued him, as Ford was not part of this group. Although a district court ruled that the Model T infringed on the Selden patent, an appeals court subsequently overturned that decision, declaring that the Selden patent only applied to replicas of the 1872 engine.

VC 22348(b) Infractions

The Tin Lizzie had a top speed of about 40mph, and it wasn’t very safe to drive it faster than 30mph. So, 100mph was like the sound barrier to many people who grew up in cars built in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Now, the speed limit on some portions of the Grapevine is 65 mph, and doing 100 in a 65 is like doing 80 in a 50: fast but not noticeably fast, especially in a nice new rental car.

But 100mph is still the unofficial line between fast and too fast, especially as far as insurance companies are concerned. In fact, insurance companies put a VC 22348(b) in the same serious category of violation as a DUI or a reckless driving. Since it stays on your record for 7 years instead of the normal 3, your insurance rates could easily go up $10,000 during that time.

An experienced, local, traffic lawyer can fight VC 22348(b) tickets and often get the charges dismissed or reduced to standard speeding. This can save you huge dollars over the long haul and save a 30 day drivers license suspension.

Getting Legal Help

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100mph on the I-5 may not seem excessively fast, but the fine is still excessively high. To fight your ticket and save money, call Bigger & Harman.

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