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A-Traffic Attorney Can Save You Time Money And Points

Many people believe that hiring a traffic attorney for a ticket is a waste of money. In fact, just the opposite is more often true. When you just pay the ticket’s fine, you are guilty, there is no other recourse. DMV will assess negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points and your auto insurance will raise your rate at renewal when they see the assessed points, which to them signals a higher risk, despite the many years you’ve maintained a clean record. Now, your “good drivers’ discount” is gone for a minimum of three years and up to ten years depending on the violation you were convicted of and you didn’t even have your day in court.

How a Traffic Ticket Attorney Saves You Time

A traffic attorney can save you time by gathering all the evidence and disclosures about your case, write motions for dismissals, speak with the law enforcement officer (LEO) about your ticket, and if need be, represent you in court so you never have to appear. When you have a mandatory court appearance, a traffic lawyer can go in your place and you can just go to work.

How a Traffic Attorney Saves You Money

Traffic attorneys can save their clients money by getting the charges reduced to a non-point violation so that your insurance premiums do not increase or get the ticket dismissed. Consulting an attorney can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars by giving you the knowledge you need to know when it is appropriate to fight a ticket and when it is in your best interest to just pay the fine and except traffic school.

It can be very difficult to determine when you should hire an attorney and fight a traffic ticket. In some cases, you should fight the ticket but represent yourself. If there is possible jail time or license suspension, it is imperative to hire an attorney. And, when the fine plus increased insurance is more than what it would cost to hire an attorney, hire an attorney. Commercial drivers should hire a traffic attorney and fight every ticket, their livelihood depends on it. When you’re on the fence about hiring an attorney, read the reviews on Yelp, Avvo, and Nolo of traffic ticket attorneys in your area. Then choose an attorney with a good reputation and one whose clients said the attorney told them that they could defend themselves or request a Trial by Written Declaration because that shows they are honest and not just interested in the money.

How a Traffic Defender Saves You Points

A traffic attorney can work with the court to get your violation reduced to a non-point violation or a one-point violation rather than two if they cannot get it dismissed. When you can come away without negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, it’s a big win because your insurance premiums will not be affected.

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Bigger & Harman are traffic attorneys in the Central Valley, California area who practice only traffic law. They are straight shooters that have their clients best interest in mind. They will tell you if you can handle the ticket yourself or it is better just to pay the fine and go to traffic school.

Read the comments about how Bigger & Harman, traffic attorneys saved their clients, time, money, and points at, like this one from Marvin, “They got my speeding ticket dismissed. I'm a truck driver and I need my CDLs to work. For the cost they charged me, they saved me thousands of dollars and I didn't even have to show up for court.” Avvo is short for “avvocato” which is Italian for lawyer, they are one of the most prestigious reviewers of US lawyers.

Or, you can read the Bigger & Harman write-up, it is one of our nation’s best online digest for legal professionals, or on Yelp, where there are 80 or more comments from some of the 2000 California drivers who Bigger & Harman have successfully represented. Of course, there are negative comments there as well, they could not win every case.

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