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Don T Let Speeding Over 100-Mar Your Perfect RecordDon’t let speeding over 100 MPH in CA mar your perfect motor vehicle driving record (MVR), which can lead to fines of more than $900 dollars, it is a two-point traffic major infraction, which stays on your record for seven to ten years, could lead to canceled insurance, but will definitely lead to dramatically higher insurance premiums, and perhaps a 30-day driver’s license suspension. Don’t go it alone, get legal advice and assistance.

How Does RADAR Work?

The speed of cars can be detected using radar. Radar uses radio waves to track the route and speed of vehicles, planes, and satellites. It can also help meteorologists determine the possible path of a storm or hurricane. Radar is like Sonar and Lidar in that they all measure different waves. Radar measures radio waves, sonar measures sound waves, and Lidar measures laser light waves. They can all be used to determine the location and speed of certain objects.

Entrapment (Speed Traps) In California

Speed traps involve the use of time to measure the speed of vehicles across a certain distance. During entrapment, the distance on the highway could be marked, and a timer might be used to determine how long it took a vehicle to cover the marked distance. A law enforcement officer (LEO) will simply wait and use his watch to determine how long it took for a vehicle to pass a certain distance. He will be able to tell if a driver was over the speed limit based on how long it took the vehicle to get through a specified distance. However, because this method leaves too much to human error; in California, it will not hold up in court.

Speeding +100 MPH on I-5

I-5 is a major highway in California. From the border with Mexico to the Canadian border, this freeway sees more truckers than any other interstate highway anywhere in the world because of the ports in LA and Long Beach, the two busiest port in the USA, and Oakland, which is the ninth largest port. There have been numerous speed traps set up there in the past, and people that have been caught in these traps have been paid fines starting at $900 and up to $2600 for speeding over 100 mph. LA, Kern, and other CA county police officers are having a hard time enforcing the speed limit, without the use of these speed traps. Many speeding over 100 mph tickets on I-5 are in rental cars between LAX and San Francisco, and even the first-time offender is almost guaranteed at least a $900 fine.

LeBron James was one of those caught speeding 100+ MPH. Even celebrities as big as him are not immune to traffic laws.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Defender

Even if this is your first offense of any kind, speeding over 100 mph can cost you dearly for a long time. You need legal assistance to represent you in court. Even lawyers in different areas, such as divorce, civil litigation, and criminal defense know to hire a traffic ticket defense lawyer because traffic court is unlike any other legal venue. Bigger & Harman, APC has been representing their clients in traffic court for decades and have successfully represented nearly two thousand clients in court. The first thing you should do is give them a call at 661-349-9300 and request a complimentary phone consultation.

Or, you could send them an email, Explain the circumstances of your ticket and send a scanned copy. Mark, Paul, or one of the other traffic lawyers will reply as soon as the office opens.

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