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Does Your GPS-Record Your SpeedDoes GPS Record Your Speed? Can you set an alert to remind you to slow down on your GPS? We will look at these and some other question about speeding in CA. One possible method to determine if a driver was speeding on freeways that charge a toll may be to check the total time it took to drive from the entry onto the freeway until exit. Say your journey was 65 miles and you traveled that distance in less than an hour and the speed limit is 65 mph throughout the distance, you could theoretically receive a speeding ticket if the state decided to start using that method.

Today's cars are made so efficient that they can handle the roads at high speeds with ease. This can mean frequently going over the speed limit without even realizing it.

A Friend Told Me GPS Records Your Speed

A modern Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) can record your speed. In fact, some smartphone apps can even track your car’s location and speed. This can come in handy for parents who wish to monitor their minor drivers. This feature is usually something a consumer wants and readily accepts.

What can you do to help yourself be more aware when you have gone over the posted speed limit? There are GPS systems that will monitor your speed against the speed limit that is posted. This data is only as accurate as your GPS system updates. Although GPS systems record your speed, not all will notify you with an alert that you are over the posted speed limit. If you are concerned that you will not notice that you have gone over the speed limit, get a GPS system that will give you an alert that will allow you to quickly slow down.

Ticketed on the Sherwin Grade in Mono County, CA

You could end up with a speeding ticket if you do not monitor your speed, but consistently watching your speed on US Route 395 in Owens Valley can be very difficult, particularly on the Sherwin Grade in Mono County, CA. With the beauty of the scenery of the Mono and Inyo County CA roadways, losing focus on your speedometer is easy to do and understandable for most of us, though maybe not for a traffic court judge. Driving through California can be a thrill because of the rolling roadways and mountain views. However, don't let the thrill leave you with a costly traffic citation.

Hire a Mono County Local Lawyer

If you received a speeding ticket in Mono County CA, you should contact a local Mono County traffic lawyer. They specialize in helping you fight your ticket, reduce any impact it could have on your driving record or your insurance premiums. When you require legal assistance for traffic court In Mono, Inyo, Tulare, Fresno, or Kern County, call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300 for a FREE phone consultation. When you have a court date or an arraignment Bridgeport, Mammoth, Independence, Fresno, Porterville, or any of the Central Valley traffic courts or an arraignment in a SoCal court in Paso Robles, LA, Barstow, or Banning email: to arrange an office visit.

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