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Speeding Ticket Fold Or FightFrom the Bright Lights of Vegas to the Flashing Lights on I-15

You just came out of the desert on I-15 coming back from Vegas, between Barstow and Los Angeles when the flashing lights appear in your rear-view mirror. You automatically glance down at your speedometer and see it’s a steady 70 mph. OK, so you were doing right at the speed limit, it’s a clear night, so 70 mph is not too fast for conditions? What could it be? The police officer says he clocked you at 81 mph on his radar gun. Was it your speedometer malfunctioning or his radar gun?

To Fold or Fight, That Is the Question

Well, now you need to look at which will cost you more in the long run, the ticket and a rise in insurance premiums, or hiring a lawyer to try and get you out of that speeding ticket. (there’s also the possibility that your attorney can go to court for you) Other points to look at if you lose are you must pay the court costs and the attorney. If you just pay the fine, you are saying you were guilty, but were you? Having your day in court might be better than just giving up and paying higher insurance rates. Although the base fine for one to 15 mph over the speed limit is only $35, it could cost you more than ten times that much after surcharges, penalties, and assessments.

State-Certified Traffic School

Traffic school is an option, which will keep you from getting points for that speeding ticket and your insurance from going up. If you pay between $400 and $500 per year for car insurance, a speeding ticket can increase your rates by 36%. Your safe driver discount is gone for at least three years. The California Traffic School can be completed for around $20.00 or an 8-hour video course could cost as little as $30.00 and can be completed online with your certificate mailed or emailed to you. Traffic school can only be completed once every 18 months. And then, there’s the admission of guilt once again, when there’s a possibility you weren’t going more than 10 mph over the speed limit.

Statistic Brain Study 2016

Did you know an average of 112,000 people gets a speeding ticket every day? In addition, per the Statistic Brain Study 2016, only about five percent contest those tickets. That percentage is rising rapidly in California because people can’t afford $500 or more for a minor infraction. When you contest that ticket, out in Barstow or in a Los Angeles County court depending on where you got the ticket, a good traffic lawyer will ask several questions. Was the certification on the radar gun up to date? Was the calibration done within the last three years? Will the police officer show up for court? Since only 5 percent of tickets are contested, maybe not.

Whether the radar gun is calibrated and certified is not a question you want to ask a police officer on the side of the road, nor do you want to refuse to sign the ticket. Many believe radar guns are inaccurate or signing the ticket is an admission of guilt. However, all you are doing by signing the ticket is agreeing to appear in court. If you refuse to sign, you are effectively stating you will not appear in court and the police officer can arrest you and make you post bail before you can be released.

Fold or Fight? Fight, When You Think You Are Right!

If you think it is possible you were not speeding, then to keep your insurance rates from going up and admitting guilt you don’t own, call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300. En español, llame al 661-349-9755. Or, email: to set up a consultation to discuss the details of your speeding ticket. Bigger & Harman have fought and won over 1800 traffic tickets, get the help you need to fight and win!

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