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Fighting The Red Light ViolationJust Off Highway 99 in Bakersfield

On Highway 99 in California, there are lots of red light cameras installed. Theoretically, these tools are supposed to be able to detect a red light violation. But, it is being discovered that these things are unfortunately not as accurate as they were once thought to be. It is too often the case that red-light camera tickets are thrown out because the yellow lights are too short and the cameras don’t recognize that fact like a human would. In fact, Bakersfield is one of the only cities on Highway 99 California that still uses them. Most have recognized their faultiness and removed them. But, surprisingly Bakersfield continues to retain them.

The biggest problem with most red light violations is that the driver never received the ticket in the mail, or claims not to have received it and fails to appear (FTA) in court on the scheduled date. Suddenly, the $500 fine doubles to nearly $1000. The thing to do with a red-light ticket is to handle it, fight it, pay it, or ask for a traffic school. Whatever you choose, do it before or on your court date. A lawyer can most likely get your fine reduced, but you will probably pay the lawyer more than the reduction; however, with an FTA you can usual save $300 or more with representation or get it dismissed.

Red Light Violation in Kern County

The issue with the red-light cameras is not the only problem surrounding red light violations. The whole thing can get very complicated. That is why you should consult with a good traffic ticket attorney if you are stuck with a red light violation and got an FTA. The area of traffic law is so important and has become so expensive in California that there are entire firms that only focus on areas of traffic defense. The name heard most often in Kern County; in fact, all SoCal when talking about traffic ticket lawyers is Bigger & Harman. These lawyers can help you with any problem you may have concerning your traffic ticket. They will also be able to answer questions about why you were given the ticket. Therefore, if you have received a moving violation and you can’t afford the fine, or you think the fine is too much, call Bigger & Harman.

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One of the very best in the area is the Law Office of Bigger & Harman. It was first founded to defend traffic tickets throughout SoCal. They remain dedicated to fighting for their cause. And they have much more than good intentions; they have vast knowledge, experience, and excellent results in the local courts, police procedures, and traffic law. They are the very best at assisting with a red light violation or any traffic ticket defense in Kern, Tulare, Inyo, Riverside, LA and other SoCal counties.

Therefore, you should call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300, or email: to set up a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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