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Exhibition Of Speed Ticket How Serious Is ItPer California VC 23109, a conviction of exhibition of speed could lead to up to three years of probation with a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail. That’s a hefty sentence for the cheap thrill of showing off. A few seconds of fame in your mind could lead to 90 days in a real jail. Just because it seems like there is plenty of open space in Kern and Tulare County, particularly in Mojave, Ridgecrest, or Porterville, there are over a thousand sworn peace officers just in Kern County.

Exhibition of Speed Tickets in California

The term exhibition of speed refers to several different activities. This includes street racing, drag racing, sliding, peel outs, skidding and drifting. This type of driving is illegal in all states and will result in a serious ticket. Even if you are the only driver currently on the road you will still receive a ticket. The prosecutor does not need to prove you were endangering anyone because the ticket is for your actions while driving. Your speed is not the main factor, the ticket is for your acceleration that burst of speed that could lead to a loss of control. You can be fined, put on probation, or receive jail time.

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations in California

A misdemeanor is considered a criminal offense and it is serious. You will likely receive an extremely high fine, lose your driver’s license, and go to jail for up to one year. Restitution may be required if there were damages. If you do not appear in court your driving privileges will be suspended and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Your appearance in court is mandatory. There are numerous causes of a misdemeanor including an exhibition of speed citation. This charge does require legal assistance.

Highway 99 In Kerns & Tulare County, California

This area in California has a reputation for illegal street racing. The area is agricultural with a lot of open lands. In 2014, a teenager was killed during a dangerous and illegal race. The law enforcement agency responsible for this area is the Kern County Sheriff's Department. There are more than 1,200 officers working in the department. Kern County encompasses 8,000 square miles with a population of 839,631.

Receiving a ticket for exhibition of speed in California is not something you can handle without legal assistance. This is an extremely serious ticket and needs to be treated accordingly. If you have received a ticket, contact Bigger & Harman 661-349-9300 immediately. They are experienced in this type of misdemeanor and will provide you with the best defense possible. Bigger & Harman have a good reputation with the judges in Tulare, Kern, and LA County courts. You may also email their office and they will get back to you promptly.

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