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Enjoy The Beach Ditch The TicketThe Lost Highway 58

So, you and your friends have decided on a day at the beach. You will be traveling down Highway 58, the “Lost Highway” to San Luis Obispo (SLO) and pick up some friends before hitting Avila Beach. You pack up the car and the boards the night before because you plan on leaving early to beat the traffic. But, that’s the beauty of traveling the Lost Highway 58 rather than Highway 46, there’s never much traffic and you can kick in the four-barrels on that muscle car and cruise. This is a great ride for cars and motorcycles alike, but be careful on those straightaways not to open it up too much and get a speeding ticket. It’s a roller-coaster of hills and tight curves; that’s right, the old 58 is known for its twisties and unbanked curves, so be cautious out there. It is not for the easily intimidated novice. You gas up in Bakersfield before heading out because the first sign you will see on 58 is, “Next services 86 miles.” And, that is quite literal!

South Highway 101 & Avila Beach Drive

You decide to take South Highway 101 from SLO and a short drive, about three miles, on Avila Beach Drive into the quaint beach town that is Avila Beach. This is a hidden gem. If you want to plug a name into your GPS, you could use Pier Front Wine & Brew, that will bring you right into the center of this sleepy little California Beach town. Front Street runs right along the beach and you can branch out from there to Fossil Point, Lone Rock, Avila Sea Caves, Pirate’s Cove, or just pick a spot by the pier. Just don’t forget to take in the Port San Luis Lighthouse.

Heading Back to Bakersfield, North Highway 101 and East Highway 58

Well, you enjoyed your day at the beach, packed things up, and headed North on Highway 101. Not far into the trip you see the flashing lights in the rearview and glance down at the speedometer, it shows a little under 70, so what’s the deal? The officer says he has been “pacing” you, basically, this means following you and he said, your average speed was 80, but he is going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say 75 on the ticket. Now, how are you going to ditch this ticket? First, how could he get an average speed that high when there are hills and curves, and second, you didn’t even see him until the lights came on? In addition, there is no advantage between a ticket of 75 or 80, California Vehicle Code VC 22349(a) (exceeding 65 MPH) posted speed, except that a judge is more apt to dismiss a pacing ticket for five mph over the speed limit than ten.

Expert Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys, Bigger & Harman

OK, so your day at the beach has been ruined because now all you can think about is the “ticket”. A friend tells you about Bigger & Harman, so you decide to give them a call and get some advice if nothing else. So you dial, 661-349-9300 and the receptionist transfers you to Mark, who, takes your details, and asks you to email and attach a scanned copy of the ticket. He says, there are lots of DMV procedures, technicalities, and a procedure called, a written declaration that can be used to fight the ticket without going to court. You like the sound of that and feel much better about your day at the beach.

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