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Avoiding a Suspended Driver's License

When someone faces a suspended driver's license, it is important to examine the ways a lost license will impact other areas of your life. This is particularly true of the driver’s license of a commercial driver. But, it is key to examine the potential negatives of losing your driving privileges in other areas of life, as well.

Let’s say you were out there in San Bernardino and rolled through a red light while making a right turn. You already have three points, been to traffic court within the last 18 months, now you’re nearly out of options and you’re back on your heels because it has been three weeks and you just got the ticket. You know you need to fight this one and you need a professional traffic ticket defense attorney.

Professional Consequences

The commercial driver that has their license suspended could face unemployment. At the very least they are looking at a period in limbo while the courts and their employer decide their fate. That is why it is imperative that you are as proactive as possible. Many would say a person holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) should be extremely diligent while driving.

OK, just imagine walking around on egg shells at work all week and then imagine that time at work averages 70 hours in an eight-day span. Of course, we know many people that do it but it isn’t easy. Now, imagine whenever you do something wrong at work, you were penalized 50 percent more than many others. That is basically how it is for commercial drivers. For every point the DMV assesses a regular driver, they add 50 percent to a CDL. In other words, you get one point for that moving violation, while the guy or gal that does it for a living gets penalized a point and a half. Is it a double standard? Yes. Is it fair? No. Is it the law in California? Once again, yes!

Even for the non-professional driver, a suspended driver’s license immediately creates issues at one's workplace because it makes the person in question appear irresponsible. It is this state in which someone can detrimentally impact their ability be placed in positions of responsibility and maintain a professional image. They will often become the brunt of water cooler jokes and jabs. If they are in a leadership position, their power base is for all intents and purposes gone. It is key to understand that a suspended driver’s license also results in decreased mobility in many cases, and this is not good for appearances in the workplace.

California Fines and Other Penalties for Suspension

There are numerous fines and other penalties which can arise after a suspended driver's license in California, not the least of which are fines and a potential loss of freedom. In most places outside the city proper, you need a car and a license. It is the loss of freedom, especially which can result in some significant consequences financially, professionally, and otherwise. Making the case to drive responsibly in the state is much more obvious with these penalties in place, which help drivers to avoid making some bad decisions. Among the most serious and costly decisions, a driver can make is the decision to drive intoxicated.

Avoiding the Suspended Driver’s License

And now, like that San Bernardino County driver who failed to stop for the red light, you are facing a suspended driver’s license. What do you do? The next thing you should do is pick up the phone and call Bigger & Harman, 661-349-9300 or email You know you must fight that ticket, so you better have the best traffic ticket defense attorney in Southern California by your side. Of course, there are no guarantees, but there are DMV processes, technicalities, and probation instead of suspensions that might permit you to avoid that suspended driver’s license and keep your job, your integrity, and your way of life!

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