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Developers Push Driverless TrucksA California company predicts that driverless trucks will be cruising through Delano and Ridgecrest years earlier than driverless cars.

Otto co-founder Lior Ron said the company’s after-market self-driving equipment should be widely available within two or three years. In only a short time, the technology has moved from crawling to baby steps at the GoMentum Proving Grounds near Concord, he added. Mr. Ron and his partner Anthony Levandowski will soon go on the road to promote driverless truck technology as a way to improve roadway safety, give more information to regulators, ease traffic congestion, and reduce pollution.

Currently, the plan is for trucks to be driverless on highways and driven by humans in town.

Trucker Vehicle Code Infractions

Large trucks and their drivers are under considerable scrutiny these days, especially by law enforcement. Given the high enforcement level, and the fact that commercial drivers accumulate points 50 percent faster than non-commercial drivers, it’s important to be aware of a few common issues along the Grapevine:

  • Speeding: Coming in from Los Angeles on the northern half of the Grapevine, the speed limit drops just as the road starts a long downward slope, and CHP officers aren’t interested in excuses.
  • Lane Violation: Past Mojave, the traffic picks up and it is not easy to remain in the designated lane and also stay on schedule.
  • Overweight: In the current environment, inspectors have no tolerance for loads that are even a little above the weight limit.

When it comes to moving violations, commercial operators are typically not eligible for traffic school.

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