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There Ought To Be A LawA British publication recently warned drivers in Bishop and Independence about some obscure overseas speeding ticket rules.

If your day begins in Denmark, be sure you check under your car before you get underway to make sure no one is underneath it. As you work your way to the Autobahn in Germany, make sure you have plenty of petrol, because it’s illegal to run out of fuel on the freeway. If your travels take you to the other side of the world, be careful crossing the street in China, because it is illegal for cars to stop for pedestrians. Japan is a bit more walker-friendly, because it is illegal for vehicles to drive through puddles and splash pedestrians.

Closer to home, drivers on Pennsylvania country roads at night must set off firecrackers to warn livestock.

Truck Driver Tickets in California

Citations like these may seem silly to us, but in their respective locales, they serve important purposes. Many of the rules along the Grapevine may seem silly to people in Europe and Asia, but they arguably serve important purposes here.

Trucker speeding (VC 22406) is a good example. California is run by a very environmentally active legislature and burning less diesel fuel is part of their agenda. I happened to meet a gentleman from Oakland at a coffee shop in Texas, and even he knew about the way CHP officers line up on the west side of the Nevada border to stop speeding trucks on Interstate 15 after the reduction in the speed limit.

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