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Sixth Mad Max Wasteland Festival In Mojave DesertFans of the Mad Max movies recently gathered in the Mojave Desert for another installment of the Wasteland Festival.

Event director Jared Butler says that all participants must be in costume and in character. He adds it’s not unusual for Wastelanders to spend an entire year preparing their costumes and vehicle modifications. By day, the intense heat gives the festival an appropriate post-apocalyptic feel. By night, the activity in the dance pit intensifies, as do jugger matches between dueling warriors.

Mr. Butler says that the participants will either be ready for the end of the world or at least look good when it comes about.

Federal Traffic Tickets

Regardless of the kind of vehicles they drive, motorists who venture into the Mojave Desert, the mountains of Central California, or any other federal property are seriously at risk for traffic tickets. Park rangers enforce the rules very aggressively, not so much because the government needs the money but because at least according to many, vehicle and foot traffic upsets the delicate ecosystems in these areas.

Federal traffic tickets are also procedurally different from state tickets. Federal judges almost never dismiss equipment violation tickets, traffic school is typically not available, and the federal judges are generally very unfriendly towards traffic ticket defendants who try to represent themselves. To make matters worse, all federal tickets in Central California must go to the federal courthouse in Bakersfield, even if the tickets came from the far-away Mojave Desert.

Drivers who have attorneys do not need to appear in court, and a lawyer can often either get the ticket thrown out of court or at least convince prosecutors to lower the point to avoid a trial.

Getting Legal Help

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