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HITT-MeIt seems like it’s impossible to turn a corner in California cities like Bakersfield and Fresno without running into a high-enforcement traffic ticket campaign.

One of the latest enforcement blitzes occurred in Alameda, where officers wrote 129 speeding tickets in three hours. Evidently, law enforcement felt that the “Slow Down In Town” signs weren’t getting the message across, so three agencies worked together to form a HITT squad (High Impact Traffic Team) to enforce speed limits in high-complaint areas, as well as elementary school drop-off areas.

The Alameda Police Department denied that the effort had anything to do with revenue, instead insisting that “we are trying to make our town safer.”

Saturation Enforcement

The FBI makes up catchy nicknames for bank robbers, like the freeway bandit or whatever, in the hopes that the stories will resonate with the public. That’s probably the same reason that abbreviations and slogans are par for the course in saturation enforcement campaigns, because officials insist that the idea is not so much to write tickets but to change driver behavior. Of course, they’ll be glad to take your money as well.

Publishing heiress Patty Hearst could have been talking about saturation campaigns when she basically said that if you look for trouble, you’ll find it. If officers are told to go to a certain area and write citations for certain infractions, that’s what they’ll do. So, many of these citations are based on little evidence and they are easier to fight in court.

Getting Legal Help

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