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Back To SchoolFor people who just can’t get enough traffic school, the CHP offers several different courses in the Barstow and Apple Valley areas.

Instead of the normal driving school do-over, California drivers who have the privilege to take traffic school can choose from among several options. One course is geared towards older drivers, and there are two classes intended for teen drivers. Finally, there’s a fourth class that focuses on child seat safety and related areas.

In addition to safety classes, the CHP offers free child seat safety inspections.

Traffic School

In some states, drivers can take traffic school to avoid both traffic ticket fines and points, because upon proof of completion, the court dismisses the citation. But in California, traffic school only takes care of the points, at least in most cases. Drivers are typically eligible for traffic school if:

  • Valid License: An AB 60 license is typically acceptable for traffic school, but expired licenses are unacceptable.
  • Non-Commercial License: Commercial drivers eligible for traffic school if they received citations while driving their personal vehicles, but their conviction is not confidential from the feds and their employers.
  • Eighteen Months: The general rule is that drivers can only attend traffic school once every eighteen months from violation date to violation date.

Commercial drivers build up points at a fifty percent faster rate than non-commercial operators. Also, be sure that the court approves the class you select.

Getting Legal Help

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