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That Didnt Take LongLess than two weeks after she got her first drivers’ license, Lady Gaga got her first traffic ticket as she was on the Pacific Coast Highway, which is the coastal version of Highway 395.

Gaga, a New York native, only became interested in getting a license after she acquired property in Pennsylvania and California. Upon getting her license, she posted pictures of herself after taking the written test and kissing the ground after her driving test. After she was pulled over, the 30-year-old pop singer insisted that she didn’t do anything wrong. Speculation is that she was driving a new car without permanent license plates, and an officer pulled her over to verify her temporary paper license tags.

VC 5201 (driving without license plates attached to the front and rear) is normally a $230 fine, but if she had valid paper tags, a star-struck officer may have released her with a warning.

100+ MPH Citations

Highway 395 is very scenic and also very out of the way as well as a high-enforcement CHP zone, so VC 22348(b) citations are very common.

Some people say football is a game of inches (you can already tell what’s on my mind), and speeding tickets are sometimes a matter of inches as well. Just a few extra ticks on the speedometer takes you from simple speeding to super speeding, and that means big fines of up to $2,500 for starters, even bigger insurance rate increases, drivers’ license suspension for up to thirty days, and no traffic school.

In the current environment, an attorney can often get the charges reduced to simple speeding which will save you thousands of dollars.

Getting Legal Help

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