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High Speed Chase EndsWhile officers in Lamont and Shafter sometimes must track down slow-moving Google driverless cars, officers in San Francisco recently dealt with a different kind of low-speed chase.

A wayward Chihuahua, which CHP officers later named “Ponch,” somehow got loose on the Bay Bridge. Officers pursued the pooch for several minutes, before he finally got tired and quit running. Ponch is reported to be “resting comfortably” in his new temporary home, according to an area animal shelter.

Police have yet to identify an owner, because although the dog had a chrome skull tag on his collar, there was no identification.

Speed Variance

While slow-moving dogs are not much of a problem on the Grapevine, slower-moving cars are quite common. Moreover, while parts of Interstate 5 and other roadways are wide and well-maintained, the speed limit is often artificially low. Both these kinds of speed variance may cause more crashes than gross vehicle speed.

Vehicle-vehicle speed variance breathes new life into the old “flowing with the pace of traffic” argument. It is not a legal defense to a speeding defense like VC 22356(b)exceeding 70 MPH, but it does provide leverage during plea negotiations for a reduced fine, reduced charges, or both.

Vehicle-engineering speed variance does present a possible legal defense, thanks for the little-used 85th percentile rule. In most cases, if the speed limit is lower than the normal traffic flow, there must be a current engineering or other study on file to support the difference. Very often, there is either no study or it is outdated.

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