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smart phoneOfficials in California will be watching an Iowa pilot program that puts drivers’ licenses onto smartphones, because leaders in The Golden State want drivers in Apple Valley and Barstow to have something like the mDL app.

The app includes all relevant drivers’ license data, in addition to a readable barcode for identification purposes. The app would also instantly process traffic tickets, so there would be no need to mail a courtesy notice. Twenty years ago, the Welfare Reform Act, which included a provision for national ID cards, went down in flames, mainly due to privacy concerns. Nevertheless, Iowa DOT director Paul Trombino insisted that the program “will demonstrate the use case for our mDL Application to be offered in the future as an option to all citizens across the state, and may help guide other states who want to launch similar digital identity programs.”

One techie speculated that officers could eventually use such an app to link GPS sensors with the smartphone and issue speeding tickets without pulling people over.

California Drivers’ Licenses

There are more and more privacy concerns connected to the technological advances that are being made to driver safety. Keep a close eye on whether California tries to adopt standards that unreasonably infringe on the privacy of drivers.

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