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traffic cameraThe Missouri Supreme Court just dealt a blow to those who want to bring photo speeding enforcement to California. Although the decision is not binding in Bakersfield or Kern County, it does have immense persuasive value.

In Tupper v. City of St. Louis, the court essentially ruled that since speeding cameras make it easier for police departments to issue citations, they should also be easier to fight. So, in Missouri, the prosecutor must prove that the driver intended to speed in a photo enforcement case. The state cannot rely on any presumption, so it may be difficult for prosecutors to win these cases.

Since the law on speeding cameras has not yet been developed in California, the Legislature may well take a cue from this court decision and amend the Vehicle Code accordingly.

Photo Speeding Enforcement

Speeding cameras are currently illegal according to VC 40802, the speed trap law. This provision prohibits the use of any device that measures the amount of time it takes for a vehicle to travel from Point A to Point B, and that would include speeding cameras.

However, with more and more cars on the road and cash-strapped local governments in search of more revenue, photo speeding enforcement may be the next big thing. After all, a California judge recently ruled that an officer can essentially guess a driver’s speed, and that shaky estimate stands up in court.

So, despite the decision in Missouri, it’s likely that speeding camera tickets would be like red light tickets, and there would be a number of technicalities that apply. And, since there is absolutely no way to talk yourself out of a photo ticket, it’s up to a lawyer to advocate for you in these situations.

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