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'Oh, the Humanity!'The Adopt-A-Highway program got its start 30 years ago on a rather remote stretch of highway in east Texas.

Local Texas Department of Transportation officials became concerned about the trash alongside roadways in The Lone Star State, but the agency lacked the funds to take any action. Engineer James Evan asked community groups to assume the responsibility for trash pickup. The program quickly spread to other states in the Union, and even Japan, Canada and New Zealand.

The Adopt-A-Highway program, also known as the Sponsor-A-Highway program in some places, also served as partial inspiration for a very good Seinfeld episode. Kramer had the best of intentions when he adopted a stretch of roadway near New York City, but he may have exceeded his authority when he repainted the lane stripes. The confusion led to. . .well, it may be easier if you just watch the clip.

After viewing the clip, it seems apparent that Elaine could have been charged with reckless driving under VC 23103, because she did, in effect, begin the chain of events which ended with Newman narrowly escaping a fiery death. But, according to the statute, the driver must display a "willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property." Although she arguably could have seen the sewing machine fall out of the trunk, the incident was at night. At any rate, the ensuing fireball was only foreseeable on a show like Seinfeld.

Just because you received a traffic ticket in Kern County and there are some facts against you does not mean that you are guilty. An experienced attorney can find legal or factual defenses you may have missed, and get the ticket thrown out or at least get the penalty reduced.

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