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A high speed chase in northern California zigzagged through parts of two counties before the suspect was apprehended.

CHP officials state that 26-year-old Ethan Vaughan, of Napa, initially slowed down for a traffic stop while northbound on Highway 29, then suddenly exited the road and proceeded south at speeds exceeding 100 mph. Mr. Vaughan eventually led CHP officers to the intersection of Highway 121 and Duhig Road in Carneros, where he ran over a spike strip that punctured his tires.

He was booked into the Napa County Jail on charges of DUI, felony evasion, resisting arrest and carrying a loaded firearm.

Although a speeding ticket is probably among the least of his worries at this point, Mr. Vaughan could have been cited for violating VC 22348 - the Super Speeder law in California. With an $880.00 price tag for a first offense, including fine and penalty assessments, it's one of the most expensive tickets in the Vehicle Code. Subsequent violations may be close to $2,000.00. But the direct costs are just the beginning.

Each violation is two points against your drivers' license, so you will be dangerously close to a long-term license suspension. Additionally, the judge can suspend your license for at least a month for a 22348 violation alone. Some insurance companies consider a super speeder ticket to be one of the riskiest violations, so your auto insurance rates may skyrocket.

An attorney regularly practicing in Kern County can use any defense you have to either get the ticket thrown out or get the fine and/or points reduced.

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