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The Rose City is giving California-based Uber a rather chilly greeting.

A lawsuit filed in Multnomah County accuses the ride-sharing company of violating more than 20 city ordinances. The city says that Uber drivers are not properly licensed and insured, and that Uber does not have a valid Oregon business license. The city also says the service is discriminatory, because a person must have a computer or smartphone to get a ride.

Uber, Sidecar and Lyft are a few of the more prominent ride-sharing services. Instead of hiring a cab, users can arrange for a private car to take them to their destinations.

CDL Requirements in California

In The Golden State, drivers who haul people or freight for commercial purposes have special requirements regarding insurance and sometimes even commercial licenses.

It is very important to keep points off your license when you drive for a living. Even if your license is not suspended, points toward suspension will raise your insurance rates disproportionately and cut into already thin profit margins.

If you received a ticket in Mojave, an attorney may be able to reduce the number of points or completely beat the ticket, to help you stay on the road.

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