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Bay Area police departments made some changes after it was revealed that their traffic court no-show rate was nearly 20 percent.

After a local television station's report, Redwood City's CHP no-show rate plummeted from 20 percent to 8 percent. This agency, and others in the area, initiated tracking systems and other accountability programs. Commissioner George Saldivar said that the "significant drop in no show rates" showed that officers "want to do the right thing." According to statistics, agencies which monitor officers' attendance have significantly higher appearance rates.

Generally, if the officer does not appear in court, the judge will either reset the case or dismiss it.

Effective Defenses

An absent officer is an effective defense to a traffic ticket in Bakersfield, because the officer who wrote the ticket is generally the state's only witness. If there is no witness, there is no evidence and no case. Needless to say, crossing one's fingers that the officer doesn't appear is not a very reliable defense.

An attorney practicing in Tulare County can quickly evaluate your case and identify any legal or factual defenses you may have, including:

In addition to the trial, an attorney can use a defense as leverage during plea negotiations, and get the fine and/or points reduced.

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