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The good news is that California auto insurance companies cannot raise your rate based on a poor credit score. But most insured motorists know that this regulation does not necessarily translate to a low premium.

Insurance companies often argue that people with money problems are more likely to file fraudulent claims, so they are a greater risk. In The Golden State, however, a driver's rates can only go up, or down, based on the person's driving record. So, a routine speeding ticket or any other moving violation that may cause little or no premium change outside California will most likely cause your rate to skyrocket.

Super speeding and reckless driving typically trigger the largest increases.

A traffic ticket's monetary costs are only the beginning. In addition to high hidden costs and insurance rate hikes, drivers in Kern County face license suspension if they accumulate four points in 12 months, six points in 24 months or eight points over 36 months. Each point remains on your record for at least three years; more serious violations, like a reckless driving or super speeder, may stay on your record for up to five or even 10 years.

For commercial drivers, points add up even more quickly because the state uses a 50 percent add-on: a two-point violation becomes a three-point violation.

An attorney regularly practicing in Bakersfield can help, especially with super speeder and reckless driving tickets, by convincing the prosecutor to reduce the charges or otherwise getting the points lowered.

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