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It's MagicIs it possible to make a speeding ticket disappear?

Magician Steven Brundage said he got stopped for speeding while going home from a holiday party. The officer noticed the array of cards and other implements in the card, and Mr. Brundage offered to put on a show. He got out of the car and performed a few tricks with a Rubik's cube, and subsequently posted the video on YouTube. Mr. Brundage claims he left the scene without a speeding ticket.

In the officer's defense, there appeared to be no other cars on the residential street and Mr. Brundage did not appear to be intoxicated, so he was probably not a danger to anyone else.

If the officer did release Mr. Brundage with just a warning, the officer did the right thing. It is a near certainty that he slowed down after his encounter with the police officer, and since no one else was in danger, there was no reason to give Mr. Brundage a ticket, other than to make money for the state.

Lawmakers should consider making the basic speed law apply to more roads, including freeways and highways like I-5 and Hwy 395. To refresh your memory, the basic speed law states you are not speeding on certain roads if you were driving a reasonable speed considering all of the circumstances. Wide open desert highways with clear conditions provide drivers an opportunity to make better time while lessening the chance of other dangers such as falling asleep at the wheel. Our traffic laws should reflect the fact that safe driving should always be legal.

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