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If you're thinking of heading to the DMV for an AB-60 license, you may want to stop by a lawyer's office first.

Part of the pre-screening process involves a check for outstanding traffic tickets. If you have unpaid tickets, you'll be denied a license and be subject to arrest if a warrant was issued. It's rather easy for the state to look up your name and date of birth. This same check can also reveal whether or not you've previously applied for a drivers' license using someone else's Social Security number.

Millions of undocumented immigrants are expected to apply for a license under the provisions of Assembly Bill 60.

An unpaid ticket is like a ticking time bomb. It's only a matter of time before you run a stop sign, change lanes without signaling, exit a private driveway without signaling or violate another of the thousands of provisions in the California Vehicle Code. When that happens, your name will pop up on a computer and the officer will have the authority to take you to jail.

At that point, the initial fine and penalty assessments can be miniscule compared to the penalties added on for failure to appear in court. The judge may assess civil penalties against you as well. Altogether, you'll face thousands of dollars in fines and costs, and the only way to get out of jail may be to pay them in full.

All this headache and expense can be easily avoided. An attorney practicing in Lamont can have the warrants lifted, and review your case to get the best possible results. Once the case is back on the docket, your lawyer can appear in court and help you get the fine and/or points reduced. With a clean record, you should be able to get your license and drive to work without worrying about the law pulling you over.

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