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Beverly Hills is bucking the statewide trend and turning on its idle red-light cameras. The city has even ordered some additional devices.

City officials have made some tweaks to the system; for example, first-time violators may receive a warning in the mail instead of a citation. But, for the most part, it’s back to business as usual in certain busy intersections.

Both the old and new cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of June.

Red-Light Cameras

The World Capital of Plastic Surgery has picked a bad time to turn its cameras back on. Not only are the political winds blowing in a different direction, the statistical evidence concerning yellow lights does not bode well for photo enforcement.

A recent study conducted in six California cities found that a half-second yellow light extension dropped red-light violations by 50 percent; with a full second added, the reduction was over 90 percent.

Jay Beeber, the Executive Director of Safe Streets LA, bluntly concluded that people run red lights not because they are speeding or driving carelessly, but because “the yellow interval is likely too short for the needs of approaching traffic. Regardless of the yellow interval time that may have previously been calculated, red light running can be reduced simply by increasing the yellow interval.”

One city, which shall remain nameless here, tried to buck the system by shortening the yellow interval when revenue dropped, but was forced to drop the cameras once people found out what was going on. If there was any lingering doubt that Bakersfield installed red-light cameras to increase revenue, this new study should put those questions to rest.

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