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traffic cameraOfficials in The Golden Gate City believe they’ve found a sure-fire, low-cost way to slow down the city’s speeders, and they aren’t going to let a little thing like the California Vehicle Code get in their way.

As we previously speculated, someone is trying to change the law regarding speeding cameras in The Golden State. San Francisco’s Vision Zero plan calls for an end to all traffic death and serious injuries by 2024, and the clock is ticking. Advocates point to a successful track record. Since installing speeding cameras, Scottsdale, Ariz. saw a 10 percent reduction in vehicle speeds, and Portland, Ore. experienced a 30 percent decline.

The city plans to ask the state for permission to test the devices on residential streets near schools and senior centers.

Will It Work?

Photo enforcement is not a terrible idea. Cameras do raise money for the city. People like low taxes and they like the garbage picked up once a week. These things are incompatible, because that extra money has to come from somewhere. Furthermore, at least theoretically, automated cameras free up law enforcement officers for duty elsewhere.

But the big problem is that photo enforcement completely removes the human element, from both the street and the courthouse. There are many times that a warning is more effective than a citation, but the system is designed to make money and not change driving habits. And, although a traffic ticket in Inyo County is not technically a criminal matter, there should still be a live witness in court who actually saw the driver break the law.

Getting Legal Help

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