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Red-Light Camera Tickets Increase Nearly 200 Percent At A SF IntersectionA red-light camera at the corner of Millbrae and Highway 101 was recording about 40 citations a month. Then, last month, the total jumped to 600.

Officials explained that a hit-and-run accident damaged the camera and skewed the numbers, but motorists contend that it's the high number of rolling right turns, because there is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station at that intersection. They also point out that the cameras are hard to see. Sergeant Rick Decker countered that the process was not "robotic" and that his office only issues citations for "clear cut violations."

Last year, the City of Millbrae received over $650,000 from three red-light cameras and American Traffic Solutions, the camera company, earned $300,000. Aggravated motorist Gina Pera said it was "like shooting fish in a barrel."

Ms. Pera should seriously think about contacting a lawyer, because the camera at the Millbrae/Highway 101 exit is a perfect example of some effective red-light camera defenses.

Even if the judge doesn't dismiss the case, a defense can serve as negotiating leverage to get the fine and/or points reduced.

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