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Off To A Rocky StartCalifornia has issued close to 50,000 AB-60 drivers' licenses to undocumented immigrants, but things aren't going nearly as smoothly for a similar program in Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain State passed an undocumented drivers' license program in 2013. But Republicans, who gained control of the state Senate in November 2014, blocked funding for the initiative. Senator Kevin Grantham rhetorically asked " how can we condone the funding" if "we don't condone the activity and we don't condone the policy?" Senator Jessie Ulibarri, the bill's original sponsor, compared the Republicans in the State Senate to the Republicans in Congress.

Only one office still offers the undocumented drivers' licenses, and appointments are booked up for all of 2015.

Through February 4, about 366,000 undocumented immigrants visited a DMV office, and the Department issued about 57,000 licenses. The DMV was noncommittal when asked if the numbers exceeded expectations, but questions persist as to how many undocumented persons may come forward and how many will chose to remain in the shadows.

In addition to being a reliable form of identification, a drivers' license eliminates the penalties for driving without a license. If you have never been issued one, the penalty is much stiffer than driving with an expired, or even a suspended, drivers' license.

If you have any questions about obtaining a drivers' license in Fresno, I cannot expedite the process but I can help in other ways, by breaking down the application process and explaining your rights in a way that you can understand.

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