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Governor Brown recently vetoed a bill that would have drastically increased fines in school zones.

In his veto message regarding Senate Bill 1151, Governor Brown called the fines "regressive." He affirmed his support for school safety regulations, but stated that it was inappropriate to raise the average fine from $237 to $366 to accomplish this goal.

Proponents of the measure expressed disappointment, claiming that the money would have been devoted exclusively to infrastructure improvements around schools.

Young children are greatly at risk for pedestrian accidents, and because they are often on the street early in the morning while it is still rather dark, schoolchildren are even more vulnerable.

The California Vehicle Code has a number of laws pertaining to school zones in Mojave. Some of the more obscure provisions include:

School zones are nearly always high-enforcement areas, and officers rarely issue warnings. The bottom line is that when you're in a school zone, even if you're just passing through on a major road, slow down and stay alert.

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