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I Can't Drive 55On January 2, the Russian fleet surrendered to the Japanese Empire at Port Arthur in 1905, Georgia was admitted to the Union in 1788, and The Weavers were banned from NBC after they refused to sign a loyalty oath in 1962. Also, on January 2, 1974, President Richard Nixon signed the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, which set a national speed limit of 55 mph.

Research at the time showed that every 5 mph over 50 added 24 center per gallon to fuel costs, which was especially important in the era of oil embargoes. In addition, the slower speed was thought to save lives. Now, there is plenty of gas and cars are more fuel-efficient. Safety features such as airbags and electronic sensors make today's cars much safer.

The law was partially revised in 1987: the speed limit on some rural highways was raised to 65 mph. The EHECA was totally repealed in 1995.

States now set their own speed limits on their own roadways; municipalities such as Mojave also have an input into the speed limit within their jurisdictions. The maximum speed limit in California is 65 mph, unless it is posted as 70 mph. Generally, the maximum speed limit is 55 mph on two-lane undivided highways, and on all roads for vehicles towing trailers.

Kern County does not necessarily have a "speed limit" for every roadway in the traditional sense; rather on some roads the posted speed limits are presumed to be a reasonable speed. You may receive a speeding ticket if the officer believes that you are travelling too fast for the conditions; for example, a motorist could receive a ticket for driving 55 mph in a 65 mph zone if there is a dense fog. If you are cited for a violation of Vehicle Code 22350, then you may have been cited for a violation of the basic speed law, rather than actually exceeding the speed limit.

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