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Super-Sppeder Laws Don't Slow Anyone Down

Those ticketed for traveling over 100 mph in Kern County receive special treatment in traffic court. Yet, there is evidence from other states that the law may be ineffective.

Georgia passed a so-called "super speeder law" in 2010. But the law has hardly made a dent in driving habits. One trooper called speeding a "constant epidemic" and noted that it was hard to find someone who was obeying the speed limit. According to some observers, society is to blame. People are simply in a hurry to get where they want or need to be. For example, another trooper said that the most frequent thing he hears from a ticketed motorist is not an excuse for speeding, but rather some variation of "please write my ticket quickly and let me get on my way, because I am late for event X."

Georgia troopers have written over 23,000 citations, which have netted $34 million in fines. California has significantly higher fines than Georgia and a much larger population.

What To Do About a Super Speeding Ticket

Vehicle Code Section 22348 sets stiff penalties for super-speeding in California. A driver going over 100 mph is subject to a minimum $500 fine for a first offense - that amount does not include penalty assessments and other costs - and a possible 30-day license suspension. The punishment is even higher for any subsequent offense.

100 mph was once considered almost a NASCAR speed. But 100 mph seems to be less fast than it used to be, when considering that some other states now have freeways with 85 mph speed limit and cars are built with better safety features for safer travel at higher speeds. So, just a few extra ticks on the speedometer can mean serious trouble.

An attorney practicing in Mojave, Lamont, Shafter and surrounding courts around Kern County can help you deal with a super-speeder ticket. In addition to the normal defenses, an attorney may be able to reduce the fine and/or the points to keep more cash in your wallet and keep you further away from license suspension.

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