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Setting the Right Speed LimitDo tickets contribute to roadway safety on any level?

A Canadian survey claims that traffic tickets are really effective only as revenue-generating tools. Alberta, for example, has seen an 18 percent increase in vehicle crashes despite heavy police enforcement of existing traffic laws. Furthermore, the government lists "speeding" as no higher than 13 th among top crash causes.

The survey stated that high visibility enforcement at troubled spots, along with reduced enforcement elsewhere, would reduce the number of crashes.

Once upon a time, setting a speed limit was an expensive and time-consuming process reserved only for transportation professionals. Now, with just a few clicks, an attorney in Kern County can do basically the same thing with the USLIMITS2 system. Such a tool is particularly important in Fresno, because the posted speed limits on many secondary roads are really just presumed speed limits. By entering certain vital statistics, such as location and average traffic conditions, the computer-generated algorithm can suggest a reasonable speed limit for most any section of road:

This program may also be useful for city planners who may want to re-evaluate the speed limit on a stretch of road but are unable to commit to the expense of an engineering study.

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