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A one-point offense may seem like an insignificant matter, but if you accumulate just a few of them in a relatively short amount of time, your drivers' license is in serious jeopardy.

Traffic school can erase a point in some circumstances, if you meet the eligibility requirements and pay all the required fees. Commercial drivers are generally ineligible for traffic school. In the rare examples of where commercial drivers are eligible for traffic school, the conviction is still reported to feds and goes against their CSA score, as well as being visible to employers and insurance agents.

In California, most simple moving violations are one-point infractions. Speeding is one of the most common one-point offenses, and an attorney practicing in Kern County may be able to get the charge reduced, even if there is quite a bit of evidence against you.

Vehicle Code 21710 prohibits coasting on a highway, which is essentially taking one's foot off the gas and allowing gravity to dictate speed. This is a rather obscure provision in the Vehicle Code which was originally created to keep truckers from going downhill out of gear:

Coasting is just one example of how an attorney practicing in Tulare County can use the law to your advantage in court. It used to be used almost exclusively for plea bargains. But is now used less often because of insurance issues can make other plea bargains more attractive depending on the situation.

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