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In 1904, Harry Myers of Dayton, Ohio, received a speeding ticket for travelling 12 mph in an eight mph zone. At the time, the speed limit on a straightaway was right mph, and the speed limit in a turn was four mph. This Mr. Myers may have been the same Harry Myers who was a prolific actor and director in the silent films of the era.

The fine he was assessed is unknown; it is also unknown whether Mr. Myers hired a lawyer.

If he were driving near Lamont or Shafter at fifty percent over the limit on I-5, Mr. Myers may have been issued a super speeder ticket, or at least have been dangerously close to one. What are the differences between a regular and super speeder ticket, other than a few vowels and consonants?

If you receive a super speeder ticket in Fresno, it's very important that you have a lawyer to represent you. A lawyer can identify any defenses you may have, or at least get the fines and/or points reduced.

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