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The grass withers, the flowers fade, and the points assessed against your California drivers' license do not last forever.

Points on your license can cause your auto insurance rates to go up, may make you ineligible for certain jobs, and can ultimately lead to suspension of your license. What are some ways to reduce the number of points against your license?

It has been said that "time heals all wounds." Although this is certainly not true in all cases, time can reduce points on your license. A one-point offense usually stays on your driving record for three years; more serious offenses can remain on your record for up to 10 years.

Although the point(s) is/are no longer counted against your license, an insurance company or peace officer may be able to view the conviction for much longer.

In many cases, a driver convicted of a one-point offense is eligible for traffic school. The point is no longer assessed against your license, but some searchers may still be able to view the conviction and see that you took traffic school to dismiss the ticket. However, if you are a class A driver, beware that traffic school may prevent the point, but does not shield your conviction from your insurance company, employer, or the feds.

There are several different ways to reopen closed ticket cases and have a full trial, get the charge reduced to a non-point deal or possibly get traffic school granted.

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