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No Speeding Tickets? One east coast law enforcement precinct recently observed a self-imposed 30-day moratorium on speeding tickets.

Police in the 78 th Precinct issued no speeding tickets during September 2013, although they did issue 604 citations for other moving violations, such as running a stop sign or making an illegal turn. In contrast, the neighboring 77 th precinct issued 77 speeding tickets during the same period.

The shift of enforcement priorities is still being reviewed for effectiveness and possible rollout in other areas of the city.

The 78 th Precinct's bold experiment was not without a scientific basis. There is evidence that speeding tickets have, at most, a negligible effect on driving habits. There are other violations which are probably more hazardous, such as driving too slow in the left lane, making an illegal lane change or attempting an illegal U-turn. Especially in California, speeding tickets may be more of a revenue-producing tool because such cases are easier for prosecutors to prove in court and generally easier to enforce on the street.

But, regardless of their effect, speeding tickets are here to stay. And, especially if you have a commercial drivers' license or were alleged to be speeding at greater than 100 mph, the consequences can be severe:

In simple terms, it is too expensive and too risky to not hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Kern County to deal with your speeding ticket. An attorney can negotiate a lower punishment or fight your ticket in court.

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