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Authorities Smell Their Way To JusticeAuthorities in Oregon recently followed their noses to find a fugitive in hiding.

Police in Lebanon briefly pursued a vehicle that had fled a traffic stop, and discovered the vehicle later in a dark parking lot. While searching for the offender, one of the officers noticed a strong scent of cologne in the air. They then discovered the driver, 35-year-old Charles Agosto, crouching in some bushes about ten or twenty feet from his car.

You may think that this fine smelling gentleman was particularly foolish. But if you were hiding in a bush when you were supposed to be in court, or missed a court deadline for any other reason, the court may have issued a warrant for your arrest. In addition, your drivers' license may be suspended until you take care of the matter. The court can also impose a civil assessment of up to $300 per violation. You need to take proactive steps to be responsible and clean up your record one step at a time.

Most courts in Kern County are very reluctant to accept excuses for missing your court date, unless you were in jail, in the hospital or in the military. But, an attorney may be able to get your license reinstated, get the warrant lifted and get your case back on the hearing docket. You don't have to appear in court to get these things done. Once the case is back in court, an attorney may be able to get the fine and/or points reduced.

Avoid stiff penalties and drivers' licenses suspension by calling a lawyer. An attorney practicing in Bakersfield may be your best friend, if you have unresolved traffic tickets.

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