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Watch Out

Watch OutFresno may be one of the most dangerous cities in California for pedestrians.

Local officials are very concerned over the 12 pedestrian-auto fatalities so far this year. Authorities blame alcohol for a majority of the deaths. Another problem may be a lack of accountability: a number of these deaths were hit-and-run incidents, while at-fault pedestrians may have no drivers' license to suspend and no money to pay fines.

The city hopes that a combination of additional educational resources and brighter streetlights may help make Fresno a safer place to walk.

A vast majority of traffic accidents are preventable. Interestingly, excessive speed alone is not among the top four. Even when speeding is listed as "a factor" in a crash, it may be coincidental. Just because one or more drivers were speeding does not mean that speed caused the collision. The top four factors that contribute to auto accidents, in no particular order, are: