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At least 13 California cities are keeping their Redflex red-light cameras.

The company recently announced that Bakersfield and 12 other communities, mostly in southern California, renewed their contracts for the upcoming year. The company cited a reduction in T-bone collisions at red lights, due to the presence of these cameras. A spokesperson also said that the cameras serve as "police force multipliers" that monitor certain intersections while human officers are busy performing other tasks.

Redflex claims that 200 clients operate 2,000 photo-enforcement systems in the U.S. and Canada.

Speed-enforcement technology is becoming both more advanced and more affordable for law enforcement. Specifically, cameras are getting smaller, cheaper and more portable. A Colorado company has developed a laser that's compatible with an iPhone. The device takes a picture of the vehicle, and automatically adds vital statistics like the vehicle's speed, license plate number, distance from the device and time of day. The officer can then forward a picture to another officer further down the road, who then issues the citation.

Judges in Kern County like to see such scientific evidence, and if properly introduced, it is very difficult to refute this evidence. That's why it's so important to hire an attorney practicing in Kern County to handle your traffic ticket. Now more than ever, a layperson has difficulty beating a traffic case when the officer saw it differently.

A lawyer can often find a defense that you may have overlooked, or not even known about. Even if there is no legal defense, an attorney can often negotiate a different resolution that saves your insurance rates from going up.

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