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Photo Enforcement Phoul-UpsAdding to the growing concern over photo enforcement tactics, Chicago may soon be refunding millions of dollars to thousands of motorists.

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune uncovered a number of unexplained spikes in the tickets being generated; for example, one camera generated a dozen tickets for an illegal right turn over six months, then suddenly generated 560 tickets over a 12-day period. The paper concluded that faulty equipment and/or human tinkering for the spikes, and certain Chicago alderman are calling for a full investigation.

These issues are certainly not new in California: a lone camera in Oakland accounted for $4.2 million in traffic tickets in 2010.

Despite a recent legal victory, this technology is under fire all over California. Tiny San Juan Capistrano may have been the first city in The Golden State to do away with photo enforcement, but it will not be the last one:

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