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Authorities in Alhambra recently apprehended a 150-pound turtle on an area roadway.

Police say that Clark was taken into custody after a brief attempt to elude officers. He apparently escaped his home when his family went out for a ball game. Clark is a giant African Sulcatas turtle, and he may live between 75 and 100 years.

Most large turtles are legal as pets in Kern County, although some rare species do require special registration.

Clark impeded traffic for several hours, partly because he's a turtle and partly because he was moving less than one MPH. Human motorists in Tulare County can have the same effect. More and more research suggests that slowpoke cars are much more hazardous than speeding cars.

Speed is dangerous. It reduces a driver's reaction time and makes crashes more destructive. But while speed adds an element of danger it also serves the purpose of getting you to your intended destination faster (reducing congestion and giving you less time on the road to have to avoid bad drivers), sloth causes much more widespread problems without any balancing virtue:

California does have Vehicle Code 21654(a) a "slowpoke law" designed to keep slow drivers from impeding traffic, but there are several loopholes and CHP rarely enforces this particular law. Until the law is toughened, watch out for these slow-moving cars.

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