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More Traffic Ticket Controversy in PhillyIt's a long way from Bakersfield, but the ongoing ticket scandal in Philadelphia has people talking around here.

Several years ago, a ticket-fixing operation in The City of Brotherly Love apparently ended, when nine former judges went on trial in federal court and the Philadelphia traffic court was completely overhauled. But then, in June 2014, allegations surfaced that current mayor Mike Nutter may have been involved, back when he was a city councilman. Mr. Nutter ran for mayor as a reformer, calling the old traffic court system " a mockery to the standard of evenhanded justice."

Mr. Nutter has denied the allegations, both personally and through a spokesperson.

Stories like these undermine confidence in the judiciary. There are certainly rogue police officers and other officials who take bribes and circumvent procedures, but these instances are very, very rare. This is especially true in Tulare County, where judges routinely face public accountability. Most all traffic ticket prosecutions are based on the "two reasonables," and it's up to defense attorneys in Lamont and Shafter to convince the judge that the state's case falls short:

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