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Veterans Fast-Tracked in CDL Application ProcessBeginning this year, California military veterans may find it easier to obtain a Commercial Drivers' License.

The DMV announced that, effective in January 2014, it would waive the road-test requirement for some veteran applicants. The so-called " Troops to Trucks" program allows veterans who have at least two years' of experience driving a large truck to request an exemption from the driving test. The applicant must still fully complete all other phases of the process.

California requires a CDL to drive most commercial vehicles, including large trucks and buses.

The federal government sets the standards for commercial drivers, and it is up to the states to implement the actual programs. The California system is fairly typical of most other state procedures. It involves:

One of the top things to remember about a CDL is that points against your license accrue at a 50% greater rate. Aside from license suspension, your trucking company may deem you too much of a risk if you have too many points against your license. Partner with a proactive attorney in Kern County that will protect your license from the moment it is threatened.

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