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One California city is struggling to make its citizens safe as the community experiences economic growth.

Foster City, near San Francisco, has been dealing with a pedestrian crossing at a busy intersection; a few months ago, a child was struck by a car and seriously injured while trying to cross the street. There is a crosswalk, but no stop-sign, traffic light or other traffic control device. In February, the city council voted to remove the crosswalk, citing legal liability issues. In March, however, the council reversed itself and approved rectangular rapidly-flashing beacons that a pedestrian can activate.

Former mayor Pam Frisella applauded the move, saying that more speeding tickets, along with the high-tech crosswalk, should reduce accidents.

The debate in Foster City is no doubt occurring in smaller towns all throughout Central California, like Lamont and Shafter. Most communities welcome the increased revenue that comes with population and economic growth, but that expansion comes with a price: streets that were once sleepy become busy, and streets that were once busy become clogged with traffic.

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