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50 Tickets in 24 Hours at One LocationA local police department recently wrote 50 speeding tickets in one day at one intersection.

On March 13, Hanford police began a stepped-up enforcement campaign in a construction zone on 10 th Avenue between Second Street and Hanford Armona Road. Due to the construction, the posted speed limit dropped from the normal 40 mph to 25 mph. Officer Jeff Davis said that he and his partner "could have written 100 [tickets], but we have to take a breather sometime."

There was a similar situation in 2012, when police wrote hundreds of speeding tickets in a Hanford construction zone. Construction on 10 th Avenue is scheduled to be complete sometime in June 2014.

VC Section 22350, the Basic Speeding Law that is in effect in Mojave, has remained essentially unchanged since it was first enacted in 1963. The law prohibits "[un]reasonable or [im]prudent" speeds, having due regard for conditions such as:

More to the point in construction zones, the Basic Speeding Law prohibits speed "which endangers the safety of persons or property." On its face, that edict would seem to only apply in a construction zone if workers are present, but most construction zone speed limits have no such restriction, probably because proving the presence of workers would be an extra step in court.

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