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Getting a speeding ticket for VC22349 speed limit violation on a Kern County highway is one thing. It's quite another if you're caught speeding on a military base, such as the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station.

Law enforcement officers know that if a driver starts out in Ridgecrest near U.S. Route 395 and hits the Mojave desert, that those clear open stretches of road are conducive to speeding, and the officers are waiting to catch drivers and issue a ticket.

These federal tickets look different from one issued by a municipality, and instead of a local court handling the ticket, it is sent to the Federal Court in Bakersfield.

These tickets are bound by federal rules as well, so if you believe that you could simply avoid points on your license and a fine by attending traffic school, think again. The Federal Court rules state that you must appear or pay the fine. No one wants to make that long drive to the court to defend a ticket, so many drivers simply pay it.

But these tickets can be successfully fought.

You need an experienced traffic ticket attorney, licensed to practice in Federal Court.

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