Protect Your Driving Privileges Fight Your Ticket With Bigger & Harman Today

Most people have gotten a ticket at one time or another that's made perfect sense. You know you've been speeding, you know you didn't use your turn signal, etc. But there are other times you get that ticket that simply makes no sense. You obeyed the law. You weren't speeding, but maybe someone near you on I-5 was. You used the turned signal, etc.

Some people may be incensed because they know they didn't break the law, but still feel powerless to fight the ticket because, after all, the officer has the law on his side.

Thinking that way can cost you more in the long-run than the cost of fighting the ticket.

Say you were driving through the Ridgecrest and came to a four-way stop. Drivers did their usual wave-throughs for each other and so you proceeded forward. You stopped and then drove through, but an officer wasn't paying attention and thought you didn't stop. He pulled you over and accused you of "blowing right through the stop sign," and cited you for failure to stop, a VC 22450(a) violation.

This is a ticket that you should fight. Running a stop sign could result in suspension of your license, which could cost you your job if you driving is an integral part of your job. To present the best case to the court and have the best chance of getting the ticket dismissed, you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney that has handled hundreds of these types of citations.

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