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New Californians, and some longtime California residents as well, may not understand the state's drivers' license point system.

A conviction for a moving violation for a normal class C driver normally causes a point violation. But some more serious violations, like a Vehicle Code 22348(b), driving over 100 MPH, are two point violations and may carry other consequences as well. Certain out-of-state moving violations may also be either one-point or two-point offenses. Your drivers' license can be suspended if you accumulate:

Special rules apply to commercial drivers and drivers under eighteen: the points accumulate more rapidly and the suspension periods are longer. In some cases, an occupational or restricted license may be available during a suspension. Traffic school may sometimes be used to remove a violation from your record, especially in a one-point offense; a driver may take traffic school once every 18 months if they are a non commercial driver. Commercial drivers can also take traffic school if ticketed in a normal vehicle, but traffic school will not mask the violation from the feds, their employers, or insurance companies.

An experienced traffic lawyer can negotiate with the court to reduce the points. For example, if you were charged with street racing - a two-point offense - an attorney may be able to get the charge reduced to simple speeding - a one-point offense for which traffic school is available. This can save you thousands of dollars in car insurance over the course of the ticket being on your record.

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